A desire to succeed

A well equipped skilled workforce producing over 1200 tonnes of aluminium castings per annum, with a level of quality few in the industry can match

Aluminium Pressure Diecasting
It can never be just about the numbers, without the correct level of investment, systems and quality control nothing is achieved. At Lupton & Place we have everything in place.

A policy of continuous development has kept Lupton & Place at the leading edge of die casting technology for decades. This programme of investment has seen the development of one of the industry’s best equipped CNC foundries, equipped with Buhler Real Time Closed Loop Control diecasting machines for unbeatable repeatability. Machines range from 160 tonnes locking force up to 1300 tonnes. Vacuum die casting is utilised for the production of structural castings for the car industry.

Cutting edge CNC diespraying and dosing furnace technology ensures overall process rigidity giving superior casting integrity, reduced wall sections and maximum cost effectiveness.

Gravity Die Casting
Our considerable investment in tilt-gravity plant and technology, linked to years of experience in casting, ensures cost-effectiveness and product consistency through effective process control.

The same combination of plant and skills also allows the use of a variety of alloys without limiting batch quantities. A wide range of product sizes can easily be made using sand cores for internal profiles where required.