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500,000 Euro Investment for Burnley based European Leader

In todays tough trading conditions for many companies survival is their key focus as they battle to retain competitive in an ever increasing global market. Very few can boast an order book spanning two or three years and companys making six figure investment in manufacturing capacity are very rare indeed.

Burnley based Lupton & Place are one such company as they have a healthy and expansive order book and are making a substantial investment in their manufacturing plant to cement their dominant position. Without doubt they are one of Lancashires best kept secrets.

Lupton & Place considered by many as Europes leading diecasting specialist is investing over 500,000 euros in a range of specialist equipment as part of it’s mission to improve efficiency and meet current production demand.

In order to service the companys current workload, which includes making die cast parts for global automotive brands Jaguar LandRover and Nissan, the Athletic Street firm is improving its pressure foundry with more automation for increased efficiency. The overhaul of a die casting cell is also part of the plan which includes the upgrade of a control system, new robot handling capabilities and a new state of the art trimming press.

This approach of continual investment is part of the firms growth plans and its commitment to providing a sustainable high growth business ensuring stability for its employees and the local economy alike.

Commenting on the scale of investment Stephen Gill, Managing Director said: This investment is substantial by any standard and particularly for a company of our size. It is one of many improvements were making to our business this year. Our missions is to remain as a leader in the industry and ensure we have a sustainable business as we go forwards.

With a reputation for outstanding customer service Lupton & Place has been at the forefront of the diecasting industry for well over a century and provides castings for use in a diverse range of sectors in Europe and USA, across the complete spectrum of the manufacturing industries including: automotive, marine, lighting, electronics, filtration and hydraulics.

The firms strong production and technical capabilities coupled with superb service and attention to detail in manufacturing are seen by many as the key reasons why Lupton & Place continues to lead the industry.

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