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Here at Lupton & Place, we have invested more than £1million in the latest diecasting technology.

Lupton & Place has significantly increased its diecasting capacity with the installation of a new Buhler Carat 130 diecasting cell.

This new development sees the company entering a much more demanding marketplace; but one which can be capably serviced by the application of this state-of-the-art technology.

The manufacturing cell is centred on the Buhler CARAT 130 diecasting machine, the first of its kind to be installed into a UK foundry. The 1300 tonne locking force machine is a move away from the traditional 3-platen toggle machines and is toggle-free.

The moving platen is moved by a single cylinder and the pressure on each of the tie bars is generated with tension cylinders. This means the footprint of the machine is much smaller than an equivalent size 3-platen machine.

The diecasting machine employs real-time, closed-loop control and is equipped with a Wollin die sprayer and a Westomat dosing furnace. The complete cell includes an ABB robot for casting extraction and a Tecnopres KPZ 40 trimming press; and a Pfeiffer Vacuum multi-stage vacuum system for ensuring maximum casting integrity and quality.

The cell will commence operating in summer 2013 and will produce structural castings for the automotive industry. Parts will be produced in aluminium alloy AlMg5Si2Mn utilising multi-stage vacuum; resulting in high strength, high integrity components suitable for structural applications without the need for heat-treatment.

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