What is diecasting used for?

Diecasting sounds like a complicated process if you have never come across it before, but in the right hands it can help your business immeasurably. At Lupton and Place, we believe in high quality diecasting to support the smooth running of your

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pressure diecasting?

What is pressure diecasting? Pressure diecasting uses high-intensity pressure and speed to produce accurate, cost-effective metal castings. With a reputation for reliability, pressure diecasting makes an ideal option for those looking to create high

Everything You Need to Know About Gravity Die Casting

Throughout this blog key facts regarding gravity die casting, also known as permanent moulding or chill casting, will be discussed. The process is used to form complexly shaped components, largely for industrial applications. Gravity die casting is

Top 4 Industries that Benefit from Aluminium Die Casting

  Top 4 Industries that Benefit from Aluminium Die Casting Forming approximately 8% of the Earth’s crust, it’s fair to say, aluminium is one of the most abundant of all metals on the planet and it demonstrates a wide range of useful

What is Structural Die Casting?

What is Structural Die Casting? Lupton & Place are the UK’s premier die casters, able to provide a range of services to our customers that includes high pressure die casting, gravity die casting, CNC machining and finishing work, all carried

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