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Continual Investment in Die Casting Excellence

Lupton & Place has remained at the forefront of the die casting and machining industry for over 100 years through its policy of continual investment in excellence.

Never content to rest on their laurels, the team at Lupton & Place are constantly looking for ways to improve their service, and heavily invest in every new advance in technology, technique and training throughout the die casting industry. For example, just last month the company expanded once again, safeguarding its ability to provide cutting-edge die-casting solutions to a wide range of clients, and increasing its capabilities with two new state of the art robotic machining arms and two new automated die sprayer systems.

With the addition of these new facilities and robotic tools, Lupton & Place is proud to gain even more ground as the industry gold standard for aluminium die casting. With the help of the new ABB robots, and the expert training in their use, Lupton & Place are able to machine their die cast components with fitting precision for the industry leading company – delivering an incredible result time after time, no matter the component required.

Several diecasting techniques are required to make sure that the customer’s requirements can be met every single time, including the automated and extremely accurate process of pressure diecasting, which allows the rapid creation of hundreds of identical components to a computer-aided design, and the comparatively less expensive and much more flexible technique of gravity diecasting, which allows for complex designs including sand cores and designs which may be subject to change before the final assembly, or any component which needs to be heat treated and tempered. Since each has its own distinct advantages, Lupton & Place has heavily invested in both, making them excellent all-rounders when it comes to precision die casting.

Once the cast has been made, Lupton & Place’s CNC machines and hand-machining come into play, making sure that the component is absolutely perfect and without flaw. With the help of their new ABB Robots and automated die sprayers, this process is faster and more precise than ever before, and it will only continue to improve as the investment in this area grows.

Lupton & Place create custom metal diecast components for some of the most highly-regarded car manufacturers in the world, including BMW, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Nissan, Toyota and Bentley – all exacting clients with extremely high standards for their diecast components – standards that Lupton and Place are more than capable of meeting. With their dedication to high-quality results and customer satisfaction, their continual reinvestment in machinery and expertise, and their ever-expanding plant and capabilities, Lupton & Place are set to continue providing the best die casting services in the world for the foreseeable future.

It is this dedication that keeps Lupton & Place at the head of the pack – and ensures that they keep relentlessly improving themselves and their facilities to meet the demands of a changing world – whatever those demands may be.

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