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Different Industries that Lupton and Place Can Address

Lupton and Place is a leading supplier of machined parts that are employed within a diverse range of industries. Since 1894, individuals and businesses have utilised our services to produce quality components. We are pleased to serve a growing number of European clients and we continue to expand our efforts through innovation alongside quality insurance. Let us examine some of the primary sectors which we address on a regular basis.


We understand the demands within the construction sector continue to evolve. Therefore, Lupton and Place have embraced a sense of flexibility in synergy with our well-known attention to detail. Whether referring to plant equipment or reliable power tools, our technicians can meet even the most stringent of requirements. As always, these components are built to last.


Not only is our lighting equipment designed around the needs of the end user, but our experts espouse a malleable methodology that enables them to address the stipulations within countless sectors. Examples here can include retail advertising, events and even heavy industry. We combine this talent with in-house CNC machining and an unsurpassed attention to the finest of details.

White Goods

The range of castings produced by Lupton and Place can already be seen within the mainstream commercial sector. These products are therefore capable of addressing the needs of major manufacturers within both Europe and the United Kingdom. Cooker assemblies, oven doors and fascias are a few examples of the items that we produce. Moreover, we approach the manufacture of these and other white goods with the same level of precision that customers have come to expect over the years.

Automotive Components

The die-cast parts supplied by our firm have enjoyed a great deal of popularity within the automotive industry. This reputation now allows us to work with some of the most recognisable names in the business such as:

  • BMW
  • Jaguar
  • Toyota
  • Land Rover

Structural components, engine accessories and reliable brake systems are examples of what our in-house CNC machining system can accomplish. When reliability and precision are critical, reputable commercial brand names turn to our team of experts.

Military and Defence

Our satisfaction with nothing less than the most precise components has likewise allowed us to be a popular choice within the defence sector. Lupton and Place currently works together with the United States military as well as many of the leading contractors from around the world. We also appreciate that discretion and privacy are crucial when producing such materials, so enquiries into this area are obviously limited.

The Electronics & Entertainment Industry

We are all aware that the electronics & entertainment industry has experienced a great deal of success over the past three decades. Lupton and Place are pleased to be at the forefront of this sector, and for good reason. Electronic drive converters and die-cast enclosures are only two of the numerous projects which we can address. Once again, precise CNC machining techniques enable our professional team to supply accurate components while adhering to the budgetary requirements of our customers.

These are some of the primary industries that have enabled Lupton Place to enjoy a growing presence on the international stage. As we are constantly refining our approaches and adopting new technologies, clients can rest assured that they are in good hands when working together with our experts. Should you have any further questions or if you would like to procure our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

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