Gravity Diecasting

Our considerable investment in tilt-gravity plant and technology, linked to years of experience in Gravity casting, ensures cost-effectiveness and product consistency through effective process control.

The same combination of plant and skills also allows the use of a variety of alloys without limiting batch quantities. A wide range of product sizes can easily be made using the Gravity Die Casting Process and sand cores for internal profiles where required.

Total flexibility in our bulk melting facility enables several alloys to be cast, including LM4, LM6, LM25 and A356. Alloys are delivered to each casting station having been analysed and flux-degassed, ensuring optimum conditions for Gravity casting are reached.

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The metals that tend to be used in gravity die casting are non-ferrous alloys. Examples of metals that are seen as non-ferrous are aluminium, copper and zinc (these metals are also frequently used in gravity die casting). Because they do not contain iron, they have a higher resistance to corrosion or rust. This makes them perfect for outdoor applications. They are also not magnetic, which is helpful for electronic applications.

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There are a number of advantages associated with the process of gravity die casting. Firstly, this process has a significantly high production rate. This means that hundreds of parts can be created and prepared each day for purchase and distribution. Parts can be made in a variety of different shapes, ranging from extremely simple to highly complex – there are no restrictions and, hypothetically, any shape can be created to meet the customer’s needs. Multiple finishes are available, allowing for surfaces to be either smooth or textured depending on customer requirements. Gravity die casting also produces parts with impressive dimensional accuracy. This, in turn, offers parts with good durability.

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Lupton & Place have been at the forefront of the European die casting industry for over a century and, as such, we have decades of experience in gravity die casting. As part of our reliable gravity die casting service, we take your requirements into consideration and are able to produce a wide range of products in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We always ensure that the alloys we use are analysed and flux-degassed before being delivered to casting stations, thus ensuring they are in the best condition for the gravity die casting process.

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