What is pressure diecasting?

Pressure diecasting uses high-intensity pressure and speed to produce accurate, cost-effective metal castings. With a reputation for reliability, pressure diecasting makes an ideal option for those looking to create high volumes of identical components. We have been specialising in pressure diecasting for over a century and can assist you with your high production needs.

Unlike gravity diecasting – which involves molten metal being poured into a mould from a vertical position – pressure diecasting is automatically injected into hardened steel dies. It is because of the automated nature of the process that pressure diecasting is so fast and is therefore ideal for mass production.

Pressure diecasting is great for the automotive industry as well as electric, aerospace, kitchenware and hardware applications.

What are the advantages of pressure die casting?

  • Ability to produce high volumes of identical metal components, with high levels of accuracy
  • Cost-effective solution for the mass production of castings
  • Molten metal solidifies in a matter of seconds, or even milliseconds, for faster production
  • Can produce thousands or even millions of components before needing to be replaced.
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Great for highly complex and precise components
  • Suited to long production runs or where large volumes are needed
  • Close dimensional control and good surface finish
  • Castings with thin walls, and so lighter in weight
  • Most pressure diecasting’s can be discreetly electroplated without any further processing

What are the disadvantages of pressure die casting?

  • Requires complex and expensive equipment
  • A large capital investment is required for the setup
  • Relatively inflexible when compared to gravity die casting
  • Less suited to limited production runs or individual casting, which become proportionately more expensive the fewer of them there are.

Choose Lupton and place

Here at Lupton and Place, we use industry-leading technology to produce high-quality castings. Equipped with specialist CNC foundries, and operating with Buhler Real Time Closed Loop Control Pressure diecasting machines, their ability to replicate at huge levels is unmatched.

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