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Die Casting

As a leading European aluminium die casting company, Lupton & Place is committed to providing industry-leading standards of service throughout every step of your journey, from initial quote request to finished product! We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service our customers could ask for, and we are always happy to chat to our customers about their die casting needs.

Lupton and Place have been working with UK and European businesses for decades, building industry gold-standard experience and providing high-grade casting services which include aluminium die casting, gravity die casting, high-pressure die casting, structural die casting, CNC machining and finishing in a huge range of industries spanning automotive, electronic, defence, white goods and construction.

The experts at Lupton & Place can talk you through what your requirements, and what your options for fabrication are, to help ensure you find the perfect die casting solution to your needs. Our die casting, machining and finishing methods are as diverse and adaptable as our clients, and they include:

Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium die casting is an excellent way to quickly produce large numbers of identical aluminium components. Where uniformity of size, dimensions and composition are required, the die casting services offered by Lupton & Place are an ideal fabrication method – call us today on 01282 422 361 to speak to one of our experts about your requirements – they will be happy to help you find the best casting method for your needs!

Gravity Die Casting

Whatever your budget and production requirements, Lupton & Place will be able to help you. Our services can be tailored to any requirements you may have, and where low production volumes are required or costs are of the essence, gravity die casting is often recommended as the ideal die casting method.

Gravity die casting is so called because the molten metal is poured directly down into the hardened steel die using the force of gravity and no other force. Unlike pressure die casting, there are no complex metal pumps or other mechanical components needed – just the hardened steel die and a crucible to heat and pour the molten metal. This makes gravity die casting considerably cheaper than pressure die casting, though slower at large quantities.

What are the Advantages of Gravity Die Casting?

As noted above, gravity die casting is considerably cheaper and easier to set up than pressure die casting, requiring little specialist equipment and operating under relatively little mechanical stress. Gravity die casting equipment doesn’t require technical maintenance and is unlikely to malfunction, although the trade-off is that the gravity-driven metal cannot be cast as thinly as in pressurised situations, and is introduced much more slowly to the mould.

This is an advantage in some cases, preventing the molten metal from folding over on itself due to being introduced too quickly. The lower pressures involved with gravity die casting also make it ideal for use with sand cores and other complex moulds, which could be destroyed by the force of a high pressure casting system.

This combination of factors makes Gravity Die Casting an excellent choice for prototyping, making components which may need to be changed, one-offs, or small runs of components.

Pressure Die Casting

Using an injector system to inject the molten metal into its hardened steel die, pressure die casting creates components with very uniform dimensions and composition. The use of a computer-controlled injection system means that these castings are made more precisely and much faster than a human being could make them, although this makes the process comparatively inflexible. Once the metal has been cast, it is automatically ejected from the die

Where large volumes of identical components are required in a short time frame, or for a low per-unit cost, pressure die casting is the casting method you’ll need. With relatively expensive setup costs, the price per unit decreases sharply as unit number increases, making high pressure die casting the ideal casting method for mass production.

What are the Advantages of Pressure Die Casting?

As noted above, pressure die casting is an excellent fabrication method for the creation of many identical components. In mass-production situations, pressure die casting provides a fast, low-cost production method, and the high-pressure injection of the molten metal into its die means that much thinner components can be cast.

Structural Die Casting

Lupton & Place offers a structural die casting service which employs our Buhler CARAT 130 structural diecasting machine to provide the best quality structural die castings for the automotive industry. The structural die casting components made by Lupton & Place provide high strength and high integrity without needing heat treatment, lowering the overall cost while preserving industry-leading quality. For more information on our structural die casting capabilities, get in touch with us on 01282 422 361 or use the contact form on this page – we’d be happy to discuss your requirements!

CNC Machining

During the production of high-quality castings, machining is often a vital part of the process. At Lupton and Place, we ensure excellent performance and cost-effectiveness in our machining by using versatile 4-axis CNC machines, able to work with a wide variety of tools to provide any machining your project may need.

Extremely precise, quick and adaptable, our CNC machining helps Lupton and Place provide the industry-leading fabrication service our clients have come to expect.

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