What is Structural Die Casting?

Lupton & Place are the UK’s premier die casters, able to provide a range of services to our customers that includes high pressure die casting, gravity die casting, CNC machining and finishing work, all carried out by our extremely experienced, expert team using cutting-edge techniques and equipment.

With more than a century of continuous operation under our belts, Lupton & Place has the experience, knowledge and facilities necessary to succeed in any fabrication task, including structural die casting at an industry-leading level. Whether you need a structural die cast for vehicle chassis production, white goods, construction or any other application, the experts at Lupton & Place – equipped with our Buhler CARAT 130 structural die casting facilities – can get it done. Don’t leave the quality of your structural casting to an unknown: choose Lupton & Place, the UK’s leading provider of structural die casting services!

What Industries Can Make Use of Structural Die Casting?

Structural die casting can be used across any industry where a structural component must be produced from metal, usually aluminium or an aluminium alloy. These structural components can be used in the construction industry and in white goods, but the most famous use for structural die casting by far is in the structural components cast for vehicles, whether they be cars, vans, motorcycles, aeroplanes, helicopters or even fighter jets!

In these applications, there is no room for error – that’s why, at Lupton & Place, we use a Buhler CARAT 130 structural die casting machine, outfitted with real-time, closed loop control to provide the same industry-leading result, every time. A Wollin die sprayer, Westomat dosing furnace, ABB casting extraction robot and a Tecnopres KPZ 40 trimming press complete structural die casting cell at Lupton & Place, equipping us with the ability to cast structural components to a cutting-edge, industry-leading standard and provide unbeatable customer service and results.

While this represents Lupton & Place’s current structural die casting setup, as a company, we are constantly working to improve our facilities, our knowledge and our capabilities. Never satisfied to rest on our laurels, Lupton & Place will be quick to adapt to new developments in the die casting industry!

Structural Diecasting for the Automotive Industry

Our primary structural die casting work is in the automotive industry, producing structural components for use in cars. These components are made with a high-grade aluminium alloy, AlMg5Si2Mn, which results in a lightweight, high quality, high-strength component which does not need to be heat-treated.

Advances like these have been crucial to the development of the modern automotive industry, enabling the construction of lighter, stronger vehicles and boosting fuel efficiency.

Structural Diecasting for the Aerospace Industry

Structural die casting is favoured in the aerospace industry for the same reason that it is used in the automotive industry – the creation of very lightweight, strong, durable, high-performance components in an extremely precise, consistent manner. Lupton & Place can produce components to extremely exacting standards, like those required in aerospace engineering, so get in touch with us today if you would like to discuss these requirements with our experts!

Structural Diecasting for the Construction Industry

Construction is another industry in which structural die casting can be particularly useful – the ability to create very precise components which will be lightweight, strong, and with tightly-controlled spacial dimensions is an excellent asset to many ambitious architectural projects and quality-minded construction companies!

Why Choose Lupton and Place for Structural Die Casting?

Lupton and Place are the natural choice for structural die casting thanks to a combination of advantages that help us to stand out from the competition. First off, our structural die casting facilities are second to none, with a Buhler CARAT 130 structural die casting machine which offers a significantly smaller machine footprint than the traditional 3-platen toggle machines while still offering an impressive 1300-tonne locking force, reducing operational costs and freeing cell space for additional service provision, like our Wollin die sprayer and Westomat dosing furnace, or our ABB casting extraction robot and Tecnopres KPZ trimming press, all of which help to occupy that useful space and all of which contribute to one of the fastest, most consistently high-quality structural die casting processes in the die casting industry.

In addition to our cutting-edge facilities, our staff are the best trained and most highly experienced staff of any die casting company, thanks to our constant drive to excel, to improve and to provide the best service on the market.

Lupton & Place is never satisfied with our standards, our abilities and our knowledge: “good enough” is never good enough for us. That’s why we are always investing in improving the company, whether that means the best facilities and equipment, or the best training and expertise.

Contact Lupton and Place for Structural Die Casting Today!

If you would like more information on the structural die casting available from Lupton & Place, or any of the other services which we offer, just call Lupton & Place today on 01282 422361. Our expert staff have decades of experience at the forefront of the casting industry, and we will be happy to help you find the answer to any questions you may have, provide any advice you need or process any requests and orders which you may wish to make.

Don’t leave your die casting up to chance – contact Lupton and Place today to see what has made us the UK’s premier die casters for so long!

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