What Makes Lupton & Place the UK’s Best Die Casters?

What Makes Lupton & Place the UK’s Best Die Casters?

Since Lupton & Place first opened its doors well over a century ago, we have strived to claim and hold our place as the UK’s best die casters, at the leading edge of European Die Casting. Constantly investing in excellence, Lupton & Place are never satisfied with the capabilities of our die casting facilities, our machining workshops and our plant, or with the expertise and training of our staff. At every step of our journey, Lupton & Place has been looking for ways to improve, to provide an even better service to our clients and to evolve with every twist and turn of the die casting and fabrication industries, making sure that whenever our clients think of expert die casters, they think of Lupton & Place.

What Does It Take to Be the UK’s Best Die Casters?

It isn’t easy becoming one of Europe’s foremost die casters, and Lupton & Place have worked for more than a century to become an industry-leading specialist in our field. With constant investment in excellence, we make sure that our successes build upon one another to propel us further ahead of the competition, with evolving facilities and industry-leading expertise that are constantly updated and improved to stay abreast of new developments in the die casting industry. Paired with the latest and most effective plant and machinery, this drive to succeed and belief in investing in our success means Lupton & Place can provide service, quality and versatility that other die casters just can’t match!

Constant Investment in Excellence

The first key to Lupton & Place’s success as die casters is our constant investment in excellence – we are always looking for ways in which we can improve, monitoring developments in the die casting industry and researching better training, better casting methods and better techniques to ensure that we remain the industry gold standard for die casters in both the UK and Europe.

All of this requires considerable investment, and while other die casters may be more reluctant to invest their profits back into their staff, facilities and equipment, Lupton & Place realise that this is the key to our success, making sure that our first priority is always in investing and improving the company and its capabilities.

Evolving Facilities

Die casters operate in an industry which is constantly evolving, calling for the die casters’ facilities, plant and training to evolve in time or fall behind. Like many aspects of the manufacturing industry, many companies reach a sort of equilibrium, where they no longer invest in improving themselves and simply fall behind industry best practice until loss of custom forces them to invest again, beginning the cycle anew. While this might be standard practice for other die casters, it isn’t for Lupton & Place – we constantly improve our facilities to stay in line with the current industry gold standard, providing cutting-edge die casting services whenever you need them!

Industry-Leading Expertise

All the high-tech equipment in the world is worth nothing if the die casters operating it don’t have the training and skills to match. That’s why we make sure to invest in expertise, keeping our staff at the leading edge of European die casters, armed with the latest techniques and cutting-edge knowledge required to keep us at the forefront of the die casting industry.

Industry-Leading Plant and Machinery

Whether you need gravity die casting, high-pressure die casting or high-quality structural die casting for any industry, you’ll need die casters you can rely on to provide the best service and the highest-quality castings. With continuous investment in new equipment to keep up with industry development, Lupton & Place can always guarantee the best casting and finishing on the market!

The Drive to Be the Best

We may constantly invest in our facilities, our equipment and our staff’s capabilities, but that isn’t the only reason for Lupton & Place’s quality as die casters – we are driven by our desire to be the best, and to provide the best die casting services of any die casters in the UK and Europe. Never satisfied to rest on our laurels, Lupton & Place will never stop striving to be the best, making sure that our clients always get the best results from their die casting!

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