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Why is Aluminium Diecasting Rising in the Car Industry?

In 2015, the global aluminium diecasting market for automotive parts was valued at a hefty $26.98bn in US dollars. That figure is only set to grow with the market projected to reach an enormous $35.57bn by 2020. But why are we seeing such a drastic increase of demand in aluminium diecasting by car manufacturers? Here, we look at this trend which will only benefit both industries in the future.

Lighter Weight

Fuel economy standards are becoming increasingly stringent in the automotive industry as it faces a growing amount of pressure from governments to make cars cleaner and more efficient. For this reason, car manufacturers are continually looking to find better ways to increase the fuel economies of the vehicles they build.

To date, the industry’s main way of improving their vehicles’ fuel economy has been to reduce the weight of the vehicle, as it has been estimated cutting down the weight of the vehicle by 15% can enhance its fuel economy by 25%. The automotive industry has primarily achieved this by replacing steel parts with aluminium parts, leading to a greater demand for aluminium diecasting.

Due to its light weight, aluminium is now the leading material used to produce car engines and wheels. Audi’s A8 model, released in its original form in 1994, was the first mass-market car with an all-aluminium bodywork and has been built in this manner for over two decades since, with this trend only set to continue.

Increased Automation

Alongside the automobile industry’s rising demand for aluminium parts, diecasting has attained an even higher status in recent years due to the industry’s growing use of automation, making diecasting more productive and allowing it to make a higher number of parts. This combination makes aluminium diecasting a growing draw for the automotive industry. Structural diecasting is also predicted to see growth over the forthcoming years for this very reason.

Easier to Recycle

Aluminium is also becoming an increasingly popular material for the automotive industry due to its ability to be easily recycled.  Around three quarters of all aluminium consumed can be reused for other purposes, with reclaimed aluminium able to be recycled indefinitely – another reason why it is becoming the most popular material for diecasting automotive parts.

Why not look to us?

Here at Lupton & Price we are perfectly placed to accommodate the automotive industry’s growing need for aluminium diecasting. We already produce diecastings for some of the world’s leading commercial automobile brands including BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, Nissan, Scania & Iveco. Our diecastings can include structural and under-bonnet components as well as hundreds of parts for brake systems.

Why not contact us to find out more about our aluminium diecasting or our other industry services such as gravity diecasting or pressure diecasting? Please feel free to get in touch with us today via our online enquiry form, or give us a call on 01282 422361 and speak to us right now. We look forward to hearing your requirements and answering your questions.

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