Aluminium Diecasting

Our Aluminium Diecasting skills and expertise lead the way and our investment in personnel, systems and quality procedures is unrivalled. It is this commitment that ensures our Aluminium Diecasting services are at the leading edge of the industry.

This programme of investment has seen the development of one of the industry’s best equipped CNC foundries, equipped with Buhler Real Time Closed Loop Control Aluminium Diecasting Machines for unbeatable repeatability. Machines range from 160 tonnes locking force up to 1300 tonnes. Vacuum die casting is utilised for the production of structural castings for the car industry.

Cutting edge CNC die spraying and dosing furnace technology ensures overall process rigidity giving superior casting integrity, reduced wall sections and maximum cost-effectiveness.

If you require industry leading die casters for the provision of Aluminium Diecasting look no further than Lupton & Place.

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There are numerous advantages linked with the process of aluminium die casting. Aluminium is a lightweight metal, and any parts produced from aluminium are lightweight and durable. It is an excellent conductor of electricity and is highly corrosion resistant. These qualities make aluminium die casting perfect for any parts that require such characteristics. The process of aluminium die casting allows for high production rates, which means a high volume of parts can be manufactured each day, and aluminium itself is recyclable. This is a particularly desirable property for companies who care about their eco-footprint, giving them the option to recycle and ensure their parts are reused in the future.

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Aluminium die casting is actually more cost effective than other die casting processes that are currently available. Due to the high production rate associated with this type of die casting, the cost of creating products is considerably lower and many more parts are manufactured as a result. No matter how much you choose to spend on aluminium die casting, thanks to the volume of products created, value for money is always guaranteed.

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Having been at the forefront of the European die casting industry for over a century now, Lupton & Place are a reliable and forwarding thinking company and – to this day – our services remain unrivalled. By utilising cutting-edge CNC die spraying and dosing furnace technology, all products created via the process of aluminium die casting are of the highest possible standard and we offer a cost-effective service for customers all over the world.

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Lupton & Place can deliver a variety of different products and parts to different industries through aluminium die casting. Products and parts that are commonly produced via the process of aluminium die casting are:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Parking meters
  • Heart monitors
  • Automobile parts
  • Aircraft parts
  • Ultrasound systems
  • DIY hand tools

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