We have been using Buhler CARAT 130 structural diecasting machine technology for some time, and we were the first company to install it in a UK foundry. The 1300 tonne locking force machine is a move away from the traditional 3-platen toggle machines and is toggle-free.

The moving platen is moved by a single cylinder and the pressure on each of the tie bars is generated with tension cylinders. This means the footprint of the machine is much smaller than an equivalent size 3-platen machine.

The structural diecasting machine employs real-time, closed-loop control and is equipped with a Wollin die sprayer and a Westomat dosing furnace. The complete cell includes an ABB robot for casting extraction and a Tecnopres KPZ 40 trimming press; and Buhler’s latest multi-stage vacuum system for ensuring maximum casting integrity and quality.

It will produce structural Aluminum Die-Castings for the automotive industry. Parts will be produced in aluminium alloy AlMg5Si2Mn utilising multi-stage vacuum; resulting in high strength, high integrity components suitable for structural applications without the need for heat-treatment.