Capable of producing over 5 million castings per year, servicing a diverse range of clients throughout Europe, we continue to invest in equipment and expand our plant to guarantee open capacity supply for more demanding projects.

Strong technical capabilities, attention to detail and a rigorous design process are just some of the key reasons why our customers choose to deal with us. Considered to be UK leaders in aluminium die casting, we go the extra mile to ensure all aspects of our service are of the highest standard and have the ability to manage the delivery of complex projects ensuring logistical, cost and quality requirements are adhered to.

What is meant by die casting?

At its core, die casting is the manufacturing process used to forge complex metal components using molten metals and reusable moulds, otherwise known as ‘dies’. Here at Lupton & Place, we specialise in a number of die casting applications, including:

The die casting process is ideal for producing high volumes of precise metal parts – making it a crucial aspect of production for a wide range of industries from commercial to automotive.