A policy of continuous development has kept Lupton & Place at the leading edge of diecasting technology including Pressure Diecasting for decades. This programme of investment has seen the development of one of the industry’s best-equipped CNC foundries, operating with Buhler Real-Time Closed-Loop Control Pressure diecasting machines for unmatched repeatability. Machines range from 160 tonnes locking force up to 1300 tonnes. Vacuum Pressure diecasting is utilised for the production of structural castings for the car industry. High strength, high integrity components are cast without the need for further heat-treatment.

Cutting edge CNC diespraying and dosing furnace technology ensures overall process rigidity giving superior casting integrity, reduced wall sections and maximum cost-effectiveness.

Further investment in the complete automation of High Pressure diecasting and trimming ensures greater repeatability and product quality; with greater flexibility and shorter lead times for our customers.

Castings are produced in a variety of aluminium alloys, including primary alloys such as AlMg5Si2Mn for high integrity components suitable for structural applications.

  • 2 x Buhler H160B 160 tonne locking force
  • Buhler H250B 250 tonne locking force
  • Buhler H400B 500 tonne locking force
  • Buhler H630B 700 tonne locking force
  • 5 x Buhler SCD42 420 tonne locking force
  • Buhler SCD53 530 tonne locking force
  • Buhler SCD84 840 tonne locking force
  • Buhler CARAT 130 1300 tonne locking force